Monday, August 3, 2015

Stress Free Manicures for Teachers, Jamberry Back To School GIVEAWAY

Making my life as stress free as possible is the name of the game! 
And that includes exploring all of the ways I can make my life easier and spend more time doing the things I love. 

So let's talk about manicures!  I want to look professional while I'm teaching; having a nice manicure is one way to maintain a look of professionalism. 

So, how to maintain nice looking nails while teaching?
Here are a few options:

1.  Nail polish
I love nail polish and have a LOT of it.  Nail polish can be an inexpensive way to have nice looking nails.  
2.  Professional manicure / Gel nails / Acrylic Nails
These are all gorgeous options, but spendy.  On a teacher's budget, I just can't see myself shelling out the kind of money necessary for the initial set of nails plus the upkeep.  I have done acrylics for special occasions (my wedding, for example), but haven't ever felt like I should spend the extra $$ on a regular basis.
3.  Do nothing
Well, not nothing nothing, but not everyone wants/needs something fancy to feel professional.  Keep your nails clean & trimmed and for a little added something put a coat of clear polish on for shine.
4.  Jamberry nail wraps
One way to have professional looking fingernails on a budget is to try some Jamberry nail wraps! 
Luckily I have a girlfriend who I worked with at Spanish Camp who is also a Jamberry consultant and she sent me a free sample. 
(You can ask her for a free sample too:  Dera's Facebook Page! And she has a great video on how to apply Jams!)
I did the Jamberry "test" which is to apply a Jamberry nail wrap to one accent nail and paint the rest of my nails with polish to see which of the two holds up better.  Jamberry won, hands down.  My nail polish was chipping by day 2 and my wraps lasted almost 2 weeks.  (My biggest problem was that I was excited to try a different nail wrap color scheme, but my nails still looked awesome, so I had to wait!  lol)
Jams vs. Nail Polish, Day 2:  You can see that the nail polish on my first finger is nearly gone already!  I was digging in the garden and it rubbed off.  I did a nail polish touch up, but the next day I was back digging in the garden, which ruined the nail polish again, but not the Jamberry nail wraps.  So instead of touching up my nail polish for a 3rd time, I just put Jams on all of my fingernails.  Problem solved! 
There are a lot of fun Jamberry nail wraps, and you can even color coordinate with your school colors or support a club or sport:
But there are also plenty of professional looking designs as well, like these French Tips:
Here are the Jams I'm currently wearing! 
They're called "Sweet Whimsy." 
And now a giveaway!!
Back To School, Stress Free Manicures Giveaway!
Enter to win one sheet of Jamberry nail wraps of your choice!
 The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.  The winner will choose any available Jamberry set and will receive his/her prize as soon as shipping allows.  :) 

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  1. I LOVE Jamberrys! I also love that they offer a fundraiser for school groups.

  2. I am excited about going back to school but where did the summer go?

  3. I am excited about going back to school but where did the summer go?

  4. I had a great summer, but I'm ready to get back in to my classroom. I've completely re-designed how I do things for this year, it's going to be a struggle at the beginning, but in the end I hope it will be great for everyone.

  5. School doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day, it this week I'm making my first trip to the school to try to re-arrange my classroom, and get my work files off my computer, so I can work on those at home.